Thursday, November 13, 2008

cyrano de bergerac

i'm not sure that the gods of the blogoshpere (wheresover they may reside) will forgive me for this glaring omission. but what can i do. i am repentant. that is all i can do. the greatest play of all time. period. we can fight about it if youd like.... what a timeless piece of art.
is there any rule about how many times you can post per day without looking like an absolute idiot that has nothing else to do. i wonder....i am curious. this is obviously my forst foray into the blogoshpere. please bear with me (i say to the millions of followers....).


doctawho42 said...

Ach, post as many times as you so wish.
Do what you like. I'm not sure people even notice what time you post, to tell you the truth.
So many timezones, you sort fo lose track.

Diane said...

First, welcome to our little Bloggy World! I'm relatively new as well, but just reached my 100th post (so, clearly, you can post as often as you'd like). As for getting people to read your blog, the key is to read lots of others and comment on them. But (and this is a big 'but') you must say brilliant, insightful, and witty things. Otherwise people will simply think you're a dolt... which may still bring you readers, but possibly not ones you want ;).

In any case, good luck to you! It's a lot of fun (and addicting) and you can meet the most wonderful people in Bloggyland.

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i think after you post about five times a day you start to go blind.

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