Monday, November 30, 2009

and maybe you just need a friend

as clumsy as you've been
there's no one laughing

good song

clumsy - our lady peace

should post all the lyrics
but for some reason it never seems to work and it's rather tedious
not such a fast typist am i


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


because there's not much to say
when all the faces are smiling
and no one is talking
and the darkness seems to exist only for me
and only around me
and i see a dark skinned girl fixing her hair
and i wonder where i'm going
and why i'm going there
and then i realize
that there is no point
other than the promises i made
and that they were a big mistake
and that behind me is gray water
and clouds

Friday, November 6, 2009

a curious question

i keep getting pop-up ads that offer some variation of -

"turn yourself into a caricature!"


"become a cartoon!"

i really dont think need help in that department.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

here lies the charlatan

how sad, that he never was who he was.
he was always someone else.
how sad, that he never went to the places he wanted to go.
he was always somewhere else.
never ate the foods.
never drank the drinks.
never danced the dances.
never told anyone who he really was.
how sad, that he lived in fear of being discovered.
what a shame, that he never spoke the words he wanted to say.
and never said them the way he wanted to.
what a shame, that he sat at his desk, paralyzed.
what a shame, that he penned this eulogy in the prime of his life.
with the colored ink he so adored.
at a job that made him more money than most.
with a family that loved him.
with fine clothing, fine food, and a fine home.
what a shame, that in his quest to be all things to all people, he was little to himself.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


an acronym for "too much information".
perhaps this is.

anyway, dont say you weren't warned.

so continuing on this personal grooming issue, i asked a family member to purchase a bottle of shampoo for me as they were going store.
pert plus if they have it.
smelled it and wanted to try it.
they came back with a bottle and i used it.
then my head started burning.

the roof! the roof! the roof is on fai-yuh!
we dont need no water, let...

so i take a look at the bottle and lo and behold it is pert plus FRESH.
refreshing menthol.

now, i dont like refreshing mentholated anything.
not smokes, when i smoked.
not drinks.
not vicks vapo-rub.
not ben-gay.
sports injuries had to be suffered through.
the only thing minty, is gum and toothpaste.

and the worst part about the experience was (you were warned), that water - like most other substances - is affected by gravity.
the course that it takes down a person's body in the shower is varied. depending on body structure/type and gender i suppose.
but this lather found it's way down to... lets just say i was tingling in the wrong places.


no more pert plus fresh for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

nothing to do with taste

aquafresh toothpaste.

i'm not impressed.
back to crest i go.
or even colgate if necessary.

and it's extreme clean.
not just any clean is this aquafresh.
it's extreme.

and this is the part that got me thinking.
it's not called original flavor.
or original formula.
this is (drum roll please...)
the original experience.

that what now?
this is toothpaste we're talking about, right?

i guess i'm just not a marketing guru.
and it tastes like the fragrance of cheap toilet bowl cleaner.