Tuesday, November 17, 2009


because there's not much to say
when all the faces are smiling
and no one is talking
and the darkness seems to exist only for me
and only around me
and i see a dark skinned girl fixing her hair
and i wonder where i'm going
and why i'm going there
and then i realize
that there is no point
other than the promises i made
and that they were a big mistake
and that behind me is gray water
and clouds


creative kerfuffle said...

never go anywhere you promised to go if you know in your heart it's a big mistake.
sometimes i too feel like people around me are smiling and saying nothing. i am on the outside.

IB said...

Great writing, pal.

You have a way of cutting right to the chase and laying out, with breathtaking simplicity, your truth.

Bring more.

Diane said...

A promise? Can be broken. A mistake? Can be fixed. The grey? Can turn to blue (or yellow or magenta or, my personal favorite, mango-tango). The stuff I told you I knew? I know this, too. Honest.


Molly said...

From his I get the isolation I often feel, even though surrounded by people. My sons struggle with it too. Modern society leaves us feeling disconnected......

Suzyhayze said...

you hide this talent. Don't hide it so much.

Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop said...

Weddings get me down too.