Wednesday, November 4, 2009


an acronym for "too much information".
perhaps this is.

anyway, dont say you weren't warned.

so continuing on this personal grooming issue, i asked a family member to purchase a bottle of shampoo for me as they were going store.
pert plus if they have it.
smelled it and wanted to try it.
they came back with a bottle and i used it.
then my head started burning.

the roof! the roof! the roof is on fai-yuh!
we dont need no water, let...

so i take a look at the bottle and lo and behold it is pert plus FRESH.
refreshing menthol.

now, i dont like refreshing mentholated anything.
not smokes, when i smoked.
not drinks.
not vicks vapo-rub.
not ben-gay.
sports injuries had to be suffered through.
the only thing minty, is gum and toothpaste.

and the worst part about the experience was (you were warned), that water - like most other substances - is affected by gravity.
the course that it takes down a person's body in the shower is varied. depending on body structure/type and gender i suppose.
but this lather found it's way down to... lets just say i was tingling in the wrong places.


no more pert plus fresh for me.


Oh My Goddess said...

Shampoo generated tingling in those places is not the best reason for tingling in those places, I would agree.
Now that we've brushed our teeth and showered together, we may actually be married in some (Southern) US States. ;~)

Diane said...

I'm not sure I should have laughed at this...

But I did.

Laughed hard.

And thanks, by the way, for quite a nice mental picture ;)

Irish Gumbo said...

So...I'm guessing you didn't feel so pert, huh?


IB said...


Something similar happened to me the other day. I don't know what they put in some of those soaps, but sweet jeezus! when it makes yer dingus burn, it's time to go back to the baby shampoo. No more tears...

justsomethoughts... said...

goddess - i do. in alabama or mississippi. your choice. i'm romantic like that.

diane - i wont tell anyone. i sware. and i'm sorry about the graphic-ness. it's a family blog and all...

irish - well said. i wasn't excited about it at all. it wore off soon enough. but the memory lingers.

ib - so now you have me humming ozzy. it could be worse. i dont need any warming sensations. thankyouverymuch.

creative kerfuffle said...

rofl., though i am sorry for your...uh...discomfort, this was funny. of course, if you manscaped you wouldn't have the issue down south, but seriously, shampoo that makes you burn? toss it. try aussie---it smells good and no burning.

dianne said...

Well this started out nice, a mental picture of you taking a shower and washing your hair, I like men who take good care of their personal grooming...then it all went wrong.
I'm sorry about your burning sensation, it could have been worse you could have gotten it in your eyes as well, I am laughing.
I can see you there with your hair all lathered up, worrying about your tingling bits and looking at the label. Lol, sorry about that, better stick to something floral or fruity but stay away from 'refreshing citrus', that also will sting. :D ♡

justsomethoughts... said...

ck - i'm not sure manscaping would've changed anything. but i went back myself and bought the proper pert, and a big bottle of finesse. and now you know the rest of the story.

dianne - but it DID all go wrong. eyes would've been the perfect ending. then i would have o actually print the words i used. and they are NOT family friendly. i think i dont want anything refreshing...

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Now I'm crossing my legs due to flashbacks of tea tree shampoo.

Menthol?? That's just crazy. Where's the Habanero Pert, is what I want to know?

Sherendipity said...

this made me giggle like a school girl.