Sunday, January 11, 2009

an award

from the one and only comedy goddess

while i am grateful, i wont be passing it on as i dont think fellow bloggers are particularly anxious to get awards from me. my blogfidence (yes. a new term i just coined. feel free to steal it and give me credit :) is not at an all-time high.
but i'll do the rules as far as posting 10 honest/true things about me

1. i like smoking. i keep starting and quitting. and i'm trying to get into running again. those two seem to be mutually exclusive. when i do smoke its only 4-5 a day. but its still smoking. and when i say "quit" i mean for 7 months or so. its not a one week on one week off kind of thing.

2. i like drinking. most times for the taste and sometimes for the effect. and i do smoke considerably more when partaking of the sauce.

3. i love writing. i tried to make a poetry blog. and despite the great quote (cyril connolly?) that its "better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self", i was still disappointed. and i probably shouldnt let it dissuade me, but i think it has.

4. giants - mets - rangers - knicks. there were times in my life when i was more of a fan. i missed most of my sisters wedding. she was married the day the rangers won the stanley cup. i was in my uncle's car in the parking lot listening to the game with my cousin. i am in a total of three wedding pictures. three. i wouldnt lie about something like that. nor would my parents.

5. my parents say they are proud of the way i turned out. sometimes i wonder. and i honestly hope my children wont be anything like me.

6. i have never thought people hurting themselves or making spectacles of themselves was funny. maybe i'm not a real man. dont care. never thought it was funny. not even when i was a little kid.

7. i dont think one can really have too many pairs of underwear. i mean 30 of each is not unreasonable. and i dont know when the word underwear came to mean bottoms. what are the tops called ?! underpants + undershirts = underwear. underwear = what you wear underneath (if you do. and i'm not getting into that right now). and they are both underwear. i dont know why this bothers me, but it does.

8. little things bother me more than big things.

9. to follow closely to number 8 (and again doubting my manhood), i dont give a damn if someone hits my car. i dont have road rage but i do assert myself when necessary and if someone is edging into my lane and they dont belong doing so, i will stay in it. i dont care if they hit my car. i'm not attached to it. maybe because i only paid 30K for it and not 90. dont know. dont care.

10. i have ADD. and i know that there are many people out there that dont believe that this is a true disorder. that kids (and adults) that have it (really have it. not the BS diagnoses) just need a slap in the rear. tell it to the people that have it.

not the funnniest post ever.
i'll have something better later today or tomorrow.


Jess said...

I am so with you on Number 1...but I just gotta quit smoking one day...just gotta do it! Good post, yo.

Michelle said...

Just some thoughts:

1) Stop smoking, start running....
2) Can i drink with you?
3) Writing rocks, your poetry rocks too
4) Are you talking about sports here?
5) Why?
6) I do
7) I concur
8) I agree
9) HUH??

I am off to Starbucks to drink, smoke, watch sports, write, wear my underware, have little things bother me, crash my car, and WOOHOO!!!

Happy Sunday! I did an honesty thing too!!!

SweetPeaSurry said...

Excellent 10 truths.

A comment on ADD. I think the disorder is absolutely real. I also think that many people use it as a cop-out for their unruly kids. It's a no-win situation for those that truly struggle with it.

bright blessings.

Comedy Goddess said...

Please believe me when I say I know how much of a challenge it is to do this list!
I'm with your parents:you sound like you turned out just fine.

Diane said...

First, STOP SMOKING!!!!!!!!

Second, I have lots of underwear, too. Just sayin'.

Third, your blogfidence should be better than it is. In case you haven't figured it out, people like you... we like to read you... you're cool.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

just popping over from irish gumbo where i have been reading your comments like a completly sane ( i swear) stalker and thought i would take the leap and make a comment. love the list and yes yes yes quit smoking and join us crazy people a.k.a. runners : )

justsomethoughts... said...

jess - thanks. i just started again a week ago. especially with the new job and all...

michelle - i had to go back to each one and see what you were referring to. funny stuff.

sweetpea - thank you. and its true. doesnt make it easier for the rest of them/us though.

CG - thank you.

diane - i think this new job got to me a little. hopefully this bout wont last long. the smoking i mean. not the job. i'd like to keep this one thankyouverymuch.
we should start a lots of underwear club. you can be president. i'll be the treasurer.
about my blogfindence, i should write a little post on it.

justsomethoughts... said...

sarah - thank you for commenting. i run. then i smoke. then i run. its some sort of pattern. i swear i need a running partner...

Pearl said...

oYou and I have quite a bit in common, outside of the ADD thing. I am glad you mentioned people hurting themselves or making spectacles of themselves. I've never understood how that was funny. Someone running around a pool and then falling flat on their poor face? People laugh? My reaction is of horror and compassion. Seriously. Why is that funny?
I, too, smoke, but more like 4-5 a week, although that number jumps dramatically if there is drinking involved. I will bum cigarettes from you without hesitation or shame. On the other hand, if I KNOW that we are going out drinking, as opposed to one of those impromptu things, I will buy a pack that is available to the whole table. What the hell.

justsomethoughts... said...

puruhl - yer mah kahnda gal. and you are welcome to bum smokes from me without hesitation or shame. which reminds me i need to go buy a pack :) (let the yelling begin...)

Doublebanker said...

The Giants can do it today...hopefully they can finish it out for another super bowl!

Captain Dumbass said...

#10-real scientists with real doctorates think ADD is real so fuck 'people' who don't think it is.

PS. I just read something in Discover magazine that said geneticists think ADD is a holdover from hunter/gatherer times when, as a species, we needed people who would keep wandering around finding stuff and being overly protective, tribally, to protect it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justy Boy!
I want you to know ADD is very real. The first time I worked with an adult that had it was an Anesthesiologist. (That guy that puts you to sleep before surgery.)
He could not:

A-hold still

B-Complete one thought without getting to the next and

C-Wait for anyone to finish their sentences.

I loved working with him though and learned a new form of communication. Short, to the point, and I followed him as he moved. (I can talk and walk at the same time.) He really appriciated that. He hadn't met many people receptive to his different ways.
You're a great guy, I loved your list and just keep truckin'! :)

creative kerfuffle said...

i would totally take an award from you, and not just cos i like awards. but srsly, you shouldn't be so down on yourself about your blog. dude, you have more commenters than me (not that i'm counting) and i've been doing this for elebenty billion yrs : )
add--yes, i totally believe it's real. and i need to quit smoking too. i have no trouble doing this when pregnant, but that seems like an extreme measure at this point in life. and i don't like watching people hurt themselves, but i love the show jackass. does that count? cos yeah, i laugh at that type of stuff. i also have lots of undies, but not enough bras.

Dr Zibbs said...

Hey - I have ADD too. And underpants.

(Found your blog through B.E.Earl's)

justsomethoughts... said...

double - alas they didnt. they stunk up the joint with a ridiculous game plan. for SHAME!

captain - AMEN! well said.
and an interesting theory i've never hoid of...

sweet cheeks - i do some pacing though i do try to keep it to a minimum. i do go from thought to thought rather quickly. and i try hard not to be rude. thanks for the kind words.

CK - elebenty billion is a very long time. i think i'd run out of things to talk about by then.
i've never seen the show jackass, truth be told. however, i have been called that a number of times in my life. and finally, i have many undies but not one bra. nope. not even one.

justsomethoughts... said...

Dr Z - we must be related somehow...

IB said...

I get discouraged about blogging too. Sometimes, I feel like it's just not doing it for me and it doesn't add up to much. Other times I'm totally into it.

Don't give up on the poetry blog yet. Maybe you just haven't tapped into the right network of other bloggers for that particular blog. There must be others out there?

justsomethoughts... said...

IB - work and blogging do not go hand in hand for me. its good but only if i have the time. otherwise i feel like i'm doing a half-assed job. and rather not do anything at all if given the choice. not good, i know. but true.

creative kerfuffle said...

i guess it depends on why you blog and what you want to get out of it. my blog is more like a journal for me and i don't feel a need (obviously) to offer up well-written, entertaining posts. i just write stream of thought. and you really shouldn't give up the poetry blog. if you aren't getting the reactions or feedback you're looking for i think ib is right, there are other poets out there blogging, you just have to find that community.

lady jicky said...

I want to comment on No.6.
I agree and I wonder if you were like me - hated the "three stooges" ?
I could not stand all that hitting - not funny at all.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Drinking yes, smoking no, supposed TV comedy no, underwear enough, team sports so-so. Good list.

Lee said...

Yes, too many comedies rely on personal hurt - mental or physical - and then used canned laugh to trick you into thinking others think it funny.

HeatherPride said...

I agree with the public spectacle thing. That Tom Green show used to make me cringe! So awful.

I was an on and off smoker through college and a few years after. I never got hooked. I mean, I might have a few when I was out drinking, and then I would finish the pack and then I may or may not buy another one. Weird.

justsomethoughts... said...

CK – you’re right. It takes looking for. Right now I don’t have the space for it. Mentally or time-wise. Perhaps I’ll post something else soon. Been thinking about one in particular.

Lady J – never like moe larry or curly. It was stupid and mean. More the stupid part.

JCN – we cant all be perfect. Thank you.

Lee – it’s a cheap laugh. If it works. And it doesnt work for me.

HP – that’s the best kind of smoker. If there is a good kind. I was like that for a while and then found that I needed one. That’s when I knew it wasn’t good.

willow said...

My son smokes and I really wish he wouldn't. Hard to quit, though. I'm over from Chris Hale's blog, BTW. Hi.

justsomethoughts... said...

willow - hi. nice of you to drop by.
i'm sorry he does. i'm sure it's hard for a parent to watch. everyone has got their thing(s) i guess...

Heinous said...

Cars bug me too. It's just a tool to get from point A to point B. They're such money pits.

Sherendipity said...

I, too, have massive amounts of underwear. And yet, I still seem to run out and need to do laundry.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Just Some, I've heard Eclipse cigarettes (smokeless, tobacco heated, not burned) have helped people finally kick the habit, just FYI. No judgment.

Good job on your list.