Wednesday, October 21, 2009

for the love of a

kind and merciful GOD.
would someone please give me a topic.
or many topics.
i'm desperate.
not THAT desperate, but you get the idea.

thank you.


creative kerfuffle said...

hmmmm, how about potted meat? or your top 5 favorite songs of all time and why they are your favorite? or fall? what is fall to you? or your best halloween experience ever. or horror movie ever (even though they freak me the hell out). i don't know, it's early yet.

IB said...

Why don't you tell us a story? Something that actually happened/happens to you.

Maybe a story about your first girlfriend, a long-lost friend, or the neighborhood you grew up in, or your family, or your first car, or something from your school years, or a story about your job, or your favorite bar, what food you like, or what your pet-peeves are, etc, etc, etc.

Make it personal. That's the kinda shit I like to read about. It doesn't have to be anything earth-shattering or "important". Just a story.

I was given this same advice once when I had a block that would not budge. It helped.

Pearl said...

You, my friend, need to ride a coupla city buses. :-)

I would also like to point out that your kitchen cupboards need rearranging, there's probably something weird in your yard at this very moment, and I can't remember the last time we made out.


You know what you should see? "Wristcutters: a love story". Not sure it would help your writer's block, but I saw it last night and I couldn't take my eyes off it. What a great movie!


justsomethoughts... said...

ck - thank you. i know little of potted meat, but i'll try to make you proud some other way.

ib - i'm not up to too personal yet. although it is tempting fodder. i made a small foray today.

pearl - you are one of a kind. i'll scare you off yet. i will take the movie out, but you most first promise me that it's not gory. i hate gore. i'm not a halloween person.