Friday, October 23, 2009

what music does for me

Livin' my life in a slow hell
Different girl every night at the hotel
I ain't seen the sun shine in 3 damn days

so anyway...
trying to get a bit more personal on this thing.
but it's hard.
at least it is for me.
so i thought about lyrics.
and the ability they have to express what i might be feeling at a given moment.
it's a smorgasbord of thoughts and feelings we can choose from to give the inside and the outside a little synchronicity.
that's why we turn on the radio and flip through the stations.
or sit back in an easy chair with a drink.
or go to bar and get crazy.

Been fuelin' up on cocaine and whisky
Wish I had a good girl to miss me
Lord I wonder if I'll ever change my ways

as you can plainly see, kid rock and sheryl crow are running through my mind right now.
about sums things up for the moment.

I put your picture away
Sat down and cried today
I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to her

thats about right.

so anyway,
have a good weekend all.

p.s. i cant not post the rest of the song.
and i thought it would be cheap to use it as another post.
yeah. i'm weird that way.
plus it ends on a more hopeful note.

so anyway, here it is.

I called you last night in the hotel
Everyone knows but they won't tell
But their half hearted smiles tell me
Somethin' just ain't right

I been waitin' on you for a long time
Fuelin' up on heartaches and cheap wine
I ain't heard from you in 3 damn nights

I put your picture away
I wonder where you've been
I can't look at you while I'm lyin' next to him

I saw you yesterday with an old friend
It was the same old same "How have you been?"
Since you been gone my world's been dark & grey

You reminded me of brighter days
I hoped you were comin' home to stay
I was headed to church
I was off to drink you away

I thought about you for a long time
Can't seem to get you off my mind
I can't understand why we're living life this way

I found your picture today
I swear I'll change my ways
I just called to say I want you to come back home
I found your picture today
I swear I'll change my ways
I just called to say I want you to come back home
I just called to say, I love you, come back home


LaughOutLoud said...

nice post ;)

Oh My Goddess said...

Just don't start singing Love Will Tear Us Apart. Wasn't too good for Joy Division. Well, posthumously it was. Never mind.

IB said...

Nice. Great songs too. You're doing fine. Keep it up. We have time.

Captain Dumbass said...

Always loved that song.

Irish Gumbo said...

A little "Blue Monday" would be good too. Good post.

...tell me now, how do i feel?

The weekend is here!

justsomethoughts... said...

lol - thank you.

goddess - fear not. i wont. i try not to sing in public. unless i'm under the influence. in which case i have an asoudingly fantastic voice.

ib - as long as you're not rushing me, i'll be ok.

captain - i have good taste then.

irish gumbo - but i'm quite sure you'll tell me, just how i should feel today...

creative kerfuffle said...

music also does that for me. it is an instant upper or downer. it's a time traveling route. it is poetry and love and hate and sex and anger and everything. oddly enough when i am feeling my worst, disconnected from the world i often don't listen to music, as if i don't deserve to. i know when i'm back on the road to recovery when i pop in a cd or crank up the radio. music is poetry.

justsomethoughts... said...

creative one - perfect PERFECT! it's true. sometime i dont feel up to the music. and sometimes that what savesd me unexpectedly. like if i'm in a store and a song comes on. it drags me out of it.
good stuff.
thank you for the comment.

KaLynn said...

i love this song. in fact, i just love music period.

enjoyed your page. cheers!