Monday, October 19, 2009

me head aches

once I was drunk with together
now I’m just drunk
spinning around
clutching a flower
what it was
isn’t enough
it does me well
to believe that
the music plays
a face appears
one that I know
will kill me
one day
i’d rather not wait


♥ Braja said...

1. Go to profile.
2. Click on edit profile.
3. Select Show My Email.

Then people can answer your comments that you leave on their blogs :)

The student actually *does* answer the professor's questions. As for "He stands by and watches," you sure it's not you? Why on earth do you think this world was created for God to interfere in everything that goes on? Stands by and watches what, precisely? Suffering? Wow, long subject that one....

Feel free to come back and discuss; but I'm not into random comments without back and's just the way I like my comments section....

Pearl said...

I think that was deceptively deep and would like to discuss over a drink.

No, really. Should we be worried for you?!


Irish Gumbo said...

What Pearl said. Seriously, should we?

justsomethoughts... said...

braja - sent you an email.

pearl - sent you one as well.

irish gumbo - and i'll send you one as well.

hooray for emails!

Slyde said...

very cool.. i like it.

Captain Dumbass said...

Hey, what's with the free emails?

And watch out for Braja, she's in a "mood."

The Stiletto Mom said...

I think we were all once drunk with together...take it from someone who has been through the wringer in a most public all gets better.

Vodka Mom said...


that was something else.


Vodka Mom said...

and where's MY *$#^#$(& email???????

justsomethoughts... said...

slyde - thank you

mon capitan - i'll send you one too if you'd like. at braja behest, i just redid my profile to include my email address for the multitude of screaming fans that want to crowd my inbox.

stiletto - i'm listening.

vodka mom - thank you for your kind words. i'd send you one but i'm sure it'd get lost.