Wednesday, December 9, 2009

weakly reader

vodkamom wrote something about weekly readers
so yeah.
we used to get 'em.
but i'll be perfectly candid, i never read them.
good books, i'm sure.
never read 'em.
why, you ask ?
because i actually COULDN'T READ that well.
and i thought it said weakly reader .
now, i was young when i started reading (they thought i was gifted back in the day), so when i saw the weekly reader i said "i'll be damned if i'm gonna read one of those".
y'all aint callin' this hea reader a weakly reader.
aint nuthin' weak about my readin'.

so i missed out on a lot of good books.
oh well.
i've spent the better part of my adulthood catching up.
may explain a thing or two...


Irish Gumbo said...

I'll warn you now..."War and Peace"? All I can is, yeah, I finished it...eventually. Bring a scorecard and some Vivarin!

Diane said...

Better late than never, darlin' :)

Pauline said...

You're just as funny on your blog as you are in my comments ;)

creative kerfuffle said...

dude, at least you're reading now : )

justsomethoughts... said...

irish - war and peace sounds good. i'll read a mile of what you write, sir.

diane - i guess...

pauline - why thank you.

creative one - i am. one fish two fish red fish blue fish.