Thursday, December 31, 2009

what i have become

less than what i once was
in many respects
and also more
and for every time
by myself
that i was connected
by others
i have been cut loose
and this sin
as viewed by another
a crime i committed
with no malice
will be my warrant
but i never meant it to be so
there is more than words
if only you understood


Monkey Man said...

We are never less than what we were. We are simply the sum of our experience.

Brian Miller said...

maybe in a few things, yet i hope i am more in others. the last couple lines are haunting and i am not sure i know why...

Vodka Mom said...

wow. that was a bit sad.

well done.

justsomethoughts... said...

mokey man - you're right. sometimes the subtraction makes the bigger noise though.

mr miller - thank you. at least i got them out right.

vodka mom - well, thats sometimes how it is. and thank you.