Friday, January 1, 2010

something more upbeat


i sat on top of the slide last night
that if places have energy
this would be a most joyous place
this would be a place of dreams
and that in the evenings
out of the sight
of the ever-watchful probing eye
they roam free
in little pink sundresses and little tan shorts
so i slid down and wiped wiped off the day's rain
and made room for the prophets of tomorrow


Brian Miller said...

that is a fun one...i still love to play on the play ground...and they are the prophets of tomorrow...and the leaders...better start investing...

Beth said...

I like your description of the kids as prophets of tomorrow. I have to agree!

Made me smile.

Marla said...

Very inspiring and upbeat. Is this the new flow for 2010? :-)

Diane said...

Swings have that energy... better, even.

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy New Year, JST. Prophets of tomorrow, nice stuff.

secret agent woman said...

Nice metaphor.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Very nice thoughts! Best wishes for 2010.

LaughOutLoud said...

"I like" :)

Kate said...

In my imaginings, I watch the children I never had play in the park. It makes me happy on the dark days.

justsomethoughts... said...

mr miller - thank you. we are invested. quite heavily.

beth - thank you.

marla - thank you. who knows....

diane - they do. now they make me dizzy. i dont know why. i have my work cut out.

captain - thank you. to you as well. and thank you.

secret agent shhhhh - thank you

j cosmo - thank you, sir.

lol - i try to please.

kate - that's worth writing about :)

Haley said...

I loved this! To me it was quite thought provoking. I live near a lake with a playground at the park. My escape from reality is through my 20 minute walk through my woods to the lake, sitting in conclusion, privacy, surrounded by nature, just gathering my thoughts. It is my favorite place to be. My 2nd favorite, is the drive to the state park where the park is, with slides, swings, monkey bars, etc. I sit for hours reflecting when I used to take the girls there. I remember I would sit for hours watching them play before actually joining them (what can I say im a kid at heart) Watching them I would think they are the future...I too like your metaphor prophets of tomorrow! There are times I wish just for one day I could go back in time and be that kid again, young, carefree...*sigh*

creative kerfuffle said...

what a great description of the feeling of slides and sliding. personally i'm a swing person. i like the back and forth, the wind whipping in my hair, pumping really hard to get higher and higher. wait...oh, are we still talking about swinging?

Noelle said...

i love this. it is beautiful.