Sunday, January 17, 2010


for me, it's always been the last lines
this time it's the first two

i am away
my eyes are lost
i know this
what could be
isnt necessarily what should be
i have lived
long enough
to know this
but it is what could be
in the realm of possible
and for this
i cry


Safiaaaaa said...

and this... is so lovely
What could be isn't necessarily what should be...
that lines gotten stuck in my head now

Diane said...

Sad :(

Noelle said...

therefore, i cry.

Brian Miller said...

cry for the possible
or embrace them.

Irish Gumbo said...


well done.

kys said...

Well done. This is so sad though.

Lana Banana said...

come and be my poet laureate when i rule the world, hmmm?

or if you should like, i will send you a more formal invitation later . . .

Marla said...

in the realm of possible


secret agent woman said...

My life of late is defined by things that are or could be, but definitely should not be.

justsomethoughts... said...

safiaaaaa - thank you

diane - it is.

noelle - nice. thank you

mr miller - depends on what's at stake.

irish - thank you.

kys - i hope it doesnt scare you away

lana banana - i'd be honored to. but i would a formal inviation as well. something with an embossed seal.

marla - thank you.

secret agent - some days are like that...

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Wow. you're a lot deeper than your Lebowski avatar projects you to be. Nice.