Sunday, January 24, 2010

the sky

is burnin'
i believe my soul is on fire

i guess you can start here

then in the search box type in the words "bad company"
then click on the first bad company that shows up (the top one)
then scroll down and find "burning sky"
on the album entitled "merchants of cool"

this has been another public service announcement


Brian Miller said...

i saw bad company in concert.
a very long time ago.

Gail said...

Hi there-

we have a CD of "bad Company" - cool. and Hi - hope you are well - nice to re-connect.

Love Gail

Everyday Goddess said...

That was fun.

Grant said...

A better search term is "Japanese gravure idol".

JoJo said...

I think my hubby saw Bad Co. once, but I was not that big a fan. It's that near 5-year age difference between us!

Shania said...

I LOVE Bad Company. Spent many an angsty teenage evening rocking out to Silver Blue & Gold.

justsomethoughts... said...

mr miller - you're a fortunate man

gail - howdy! it is good.

goddess - glad i could be a part of it.

grant - it's high, and to straight away left field!

jo jo - i like the musica. just good stuff. good for driving and getting tickets.

shania - ah, the angsty teenage evenings...