Thursday, January 28, 2010

stuck here

sitting by the light
trying to make it right
trying to make it sound like
you might want
to answer me


Vencora said...

this reminds me of how even in imagined conversations with people i still struggle sometimes to find the right words

Not The Rockefellers said...

sounds like you might not want to hear the answer.

not yet anyway :)

Peace ~ Rene

secret agent woman said...

I have a very hard time reconciling myself to endings that happen without closure. Sucks.

Brian Miller said...

sometimes words cant make it right.
go from your heart man.

Kate said...

I'll answer you.

Marla said...

We need to find some emotional Goo BeGone for you. I so want to see you unstuck. Everyone deserves that freedom. Yes, you do. Don't argue with me. :-)

Everyday Goddess said...

flickering thoughts float through the airwaves and answer each other.

justsomethoughts... said...

vencora - it can be crippling at times

richer than most - not until i find the right words

secret agent - the search continues

mr miller - easier said than done. but it will likely end that way.

kate - ahhh but it's so much more complicated than that.

marla - i wouldnt dare.

goddess - if only it were that simple. do some thoughts reject other thoughts ?

Safiaaaaa said...

this reminds me of a conversation i tried to have today

Wordwand said...

a lovely poetic snapshot.well delivered.